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What is religion?

The answer:
Religion is the system that organizes the relationship between man and His creator, the relationship between man and his fellow men; it also organizes the journey of man in the universe following a guidance accepted by sound minds 

and prudent individuals.


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What is the concept of taxes in Islam?
Taxes is an amount of money appointed by the government, paid by rich people, businessmen, customs, factories and vital agencies in return for the essential services done by the government, like power supply, water, infra structures, building roads, public hospitals, safety services like police, army, ambulances, rescue and other services they need and can't go in life without them. The government does all this for them.
Our duty towards people
Our first duty is: To inform all people by their own languages and everywhere on earth about our messenger and our religion through a wide informational campaign about this prophet, his manners, his decrees, his religion, his book and his perfections.
It's not the matter of the informational campaign itself, it's only a mean not an end, but in addition to it we are asked to be a copy of the morals of the prophet, this is the first announcement, the world really need from us. The world doesn't want speech, but good examples, if they see this; they will enter the religion of Allah in crowds, so this campaign needs to be carried out by men of high morals. Suppose we send to everyone in Europe and America five copies of Qur'an by their own languages, what will they do with them? Nothing. But if we send to every town a man following the manners of Qur'an, he will surely attract hearts and pull them to Allah The most Merciful. The nature of man tends to imitation, imitation leads to companionship, companionship leads to sociability, so man familiarize a virtuous man and is attracted to his characteristics and wants to sit with him to benefit from him, so he is the cause that attracts him to Allah.
What does Islamic Sufism mean?
Sufism is seeking pureness in the heart. A Sufi works hard until his heart is free from envy, rancor, malice, hatred, stinginess, egoism and other bad characteristics. He beautifies it with love, cordiality, passion, kindness and tenderness for all creatures of God, he also fills it with loyalty, truthfulness and fearing God, he beautifies his apparent body by good manners mentioned in Qur'an and followed by the prophet (May the blessings and peace of God be upon him) in his practical life.

Does Islam forbid photography?
Islam forbids full figure pictures of man and animals if they are completely naked and their private parts appear, because this contradicts with human good manners and heavenly legislations. Photographing human is legal as long as a man covers his private parts from his navel to his knee and a woman covers all her body except her face and her hands.
As a woman has her specialty, so it is also illegal for her to be photographed with a marriageable person in privacy, as privacy is prohibited in our religion, the prophet said: "A man should never be in privacy with a marriageable woman as Satan is the third with them" (1).
(1)By At'tabarany in Al-Awsat after Omar Ibn-Al- Khat'tab.
 ‏‎Fawzy Mohammed Abu Zeid‎‏.

Society needs renovation

Renovation starts from the heart, so my beloved and the joy of my eyes (Prophet Mohammed) said:
"Renovate your belief, they asked: O messenger of Allah, how can we renovate our belief? He said: Say La Ilaha Illa Allah more and more." 1
I.e. always renew your heart for Allah and for people, don't leave it as it is. To improve your position in this life and in the hereafter, you should renew, you shouldn't stand still and think that you are ok, then you won't achieve anything. If you are in a position, you should try to be in a higher one, and so in this life, you should try to promote yourself. Man should renew both in life and in deeds that lead to Allah's satisfaction and not stand still.
E.g. If I perform prayers while I'm absent-minded, I should try to perform prayers while I'm wholly attentive. If I perform prayers while I'm attentive, I should try to perform prayers witnessing, and if I'm witnessing, I should try not to forget the Witnessed for a single moment.
So I must always be in progress, being satisfied by the low position in life or in the way to Allah makes man in retardation and delay, so standing still is a veil or a cover because others are going on, so you will fall behind the convoy that is going to Allah (Glory to Him).
1- Narrated by Ahmed and At'tabarany, his attribution is good after Abi-Horayra.

What are the foods prohibited by Islam? And why?

Foods prohibited by Islam are peg, dead animals, blood and animals not slaughtered on the name of God.
As for peg, man is affected by what he eats, as the peg is not jealous on its female, so people who eat it also lose jealousy on their females either they are wives, daughters, sisters, mothers or others.
As for prohibiting blood, because it contains the germs and microbes in the body of man or animal, so if someone eats it, he can be infected by these diseases.
As for dead animal, because the blood does not get out of its body, but it permeates the flesh and organs, so viruses and microbes lie and hide in their tissues and make themselves a layer of fats so they don’t die when the meat is cooked even in high temperature. When man eats such meat, he gets sick because of those viruses and microbes.
As for the animals on which any other name has been invoked besides that of God, they become illegal because the name of God hasn't been mentioned when slaughtering them, so it is not blessed, when we eat it, it doesn’t cure us but increases illnesses.